Green Factory

This French brand was created in 2009 by Noam Levy. Green Factory creates beautiful living compositions that are almost autonomous. Each of these creations is unique. They are handmade in Green Factory's workshop in Paris and consist of a miniature tree that dominates a small world of glass walls; an ecosystem capable of flourishing almost independently. They require very little maintenance and must be watered only a few times a year. They are plant compositions that, through photosynthesis, the water cycle, and a closed and transparent environment, take care of themselves. The people that work at Green Factory are dedicated to selecting the best and most beautiful raw materials, and their glass containers are made with the same level of dedication in different European workshops. Their plants are selected with the greatest care and Green Factory makes sure that no chemicals are used for their growth. Enjoy this unique live compositions and see them thrive in a special spot in your home.


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