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Discover our Durable Products Collection, essential for a sustainability-conscious world. By consuming products designed to last, you'll help to slow down resource usage and reduce environmental impact. Our collection consists of products that transcend stylistic trends, designed to last in both functionality and timeless aesthetics.


These classic designs are a wise investment in quality, instead of fleeting fads. Moreover, durable products retain their value in the secondary market, making them a smart and sustainable long-term investment. We believe in durable products, sustainable growth, and the power of good design. In short, consuming durable products is a way to contribute to the environment and promote a circular economy. Choose our collection for sustainable products that stand the test of time.


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Botella Day Off Tumbler 500 ml BlancoBotella Day Off Tumbler 500 ml Blanco
Botella Day Off Tumbler 500 ml Blanco Precio de oferta40,00 €
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Caja de Herramientas ST- 350 CaquiCaja de Herramientas ST- 350 Caqui
Toyo Steel
Caja de Herramientas ST- 350 Caqui Precio de oferta120,00 €
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Bolso Bucket Bobbi Clásico Negro CocodriloBolso Bucket Bobbi Clásico Negro Cocodrilo
O My Bag
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Tarjetero de Sobremesa Oro 23kt (M-670 L)Tarjetero de Sobremesa Oro 23kt (M-670 L)
El Casco
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Sacapuntas Høvel de LatónSacapuntas Høvel de Latón
Makers Cabinet
Sacapuntas Høvel de Latón Precio de oferta69,95 €