Ceramic is an ancient and versatile material that has been used for centuries in the manufacture of a wide range of products. Its natural properties make it resistant and aesthetically beautiful, ideal for creating products that are both durable and visually appealing. One of the primary advantages of ceramic products is their durability. They are highly resistant to the passage of time and can withstand the impact of climatic agents. Ceramic is also a completely natural and non-toxic material, making it an eco-friendly and healthy choice.


Ceramic products offer a wide variety of designs and finishes, making them perfect for creating decorative objects, tableware, and kitchen utensils. The material is easy to work and mold, allowing for the creation of products with complex shapes and details.

In addition to its aesthetic beauty, ceramic also has the ability to retain heat, making it ideal for cooking and maintaining the temperature of food and beverages.

Ceramic products offer numerous advantages, including durability, sustainability, versatility, and aesthetic appeal. It is a material that has been highly valued for centuries and continues to be a popular choice today due to its unique qualities and its ability to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere in any environment.


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Orca Precio de oferta$34.00
Ardilla Nº 1 Comilona Animal de PorcelanaArdilla Nº 1 Comilona Animal de Porcelana
Ahorra 29%
Tazón de Desayuno 500ml Asa Azul / Garabatos Azules
Carmen Keramik
Tazón de Desayuno 500ml Asa Azul / Garabatos Azules Precio de oferta$12.00 Precio normal$17.00
Babosa Verde Pistacho MedianaBabosa Verde Pistacho Mediana
Babosa Verde Pistacho Mediana Precio de oferta$33.00
Babosa Rosa Ñoño MedianaBabosa Rosa Ñoño Mediana
Babosa Rosa Ñoño Mediana Precio de oferta$33.00
Lámpara de Mesa Pipe
Marre Moerel Design Studio
Lámpara de Mesa Pipe Precio de oferta$128.00
Babosa Rosa Ñoño GrandeBabosa Rosa Ñoño Grande
Babosa Rosa Ñoño Grande Precio de oferta$39.00
Ballena BorealBallena Boreal
Ballena Boreal Precio de oferta$34.00
Jarrón Teseo 2Jarrón Teseo 2
La Cueva Studio
Jarrón Teseo 2 Precio de oferta$128.00
OVNIs de Alcorcón - LOVNIs de Alcorcón - L
No Hay Mapas
OVNIs de Alcorcón - L Precio de oferta$73.00
Babosa Verde Pistacho PequeñaBabosa Verde Pistacho Pequeña
Babosa Verde Pistacho Pequeña Precio de oferta$22.00
Marisol Florero de Cerámica ColorMarisol Florero de Cerámica Color
Kitsch Kitchen
Marisol Florero de Cerámica Color Precio de oferta$66.00
OVNIs de Alcorcón - SOVNIs de Alcorcón - S
No Hay Mapas
OVNIs de Alcorcón - S Precio de oferta$56.00
Macetero Tabor XL D35 x H33 AmarilloMacetero Tabor XL D35 x H33 Amarillo
Macetero Tabor XL D35 x H33 Amarillo Precio de oferta$117.00
Ballena AzulBallena Azul
Ballena Azul Precio de oferta$34.00
Aplique OVNIAplique OVNI
No Hay Mapas
Aplique OVNI Precio de oferta$73.00
Macetero Tabor L D30 x A28 AmarilloMacetero Tabor L D30 x A28 Amarillo
Babosa Rosa Ñoño MiniBabosa Rosa Ñoño Mini
Babosa Rosa Ñoño Mini Precio de oferta$17.00
Cachalote Precio de oferta$34.00
Candelabro Shellegance PequeñoCandelabro Shellegance Pequeño
Candelabro Shellegance Pequeño Precio de oferta$33.00
Ahorra 32%
Bandeja Alejandro Artístico MinimalistaBandeja Alejandro Artístico Minimalista
Qué Rico
Bandeja Alejandro Artístico Minimalista Precio de oferta$15.00 Precio normal$22.00
Bandeja Cerámica Hamsa RosaBandeja Cerámica Hamsa Rosa
Bandeja Cerámica Hamsa Rosa Precio de oferta$39.00
Bandeja Cerámica Nazar AzulBandeja Cerámica Nazar Azul
Bandeja Cerámica Nazar Azul Precio de oferta$39.00
Bandeja Cerámica Janus WarriorBandeja Cerámica Janus Warrior
Bandeja Cerámica Janus Warrior Precio de oferta$39.00