Letter Necklaces by PDPAOLA

The force of a name knows no boundaries. A name bears truth, it tells a story. Bringing self-love as a permanent state of mind, this collection frames uniqueness and celebrates confidence in a newness design scenario. Bringing back the nineties’ and giving a twist to their beautiful nostalgia, floating letters rise as the innovative and distinctive personal symbol: a new reality is born from a piece of jewelry that empowers your true self and says your name out loud.

 Labradorite, Tiger Eye, Mother of Pearl and crystals blend in a bright squarish oval that saves your initial like a treasure, giving life to a necklace design that will become the timeless icon of your own. Like floating in the air, an 18k gold plated initial hangs inside the amulet, a prominent piece made of 925 silver as your ultimate bold statement. Surrounding color hues and veins in the natural gemstones are singular characteristics in each necklace, making every letter genuinely unique in the world.


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