Tríptico de la Gran Bahía

is a figurative work of art that conveys the beauty of nature and human harmony with it. Each piece of the triptych tells a unique story and can be appreciated on its own, but together they form a spectacular view of a breathtaking bay.


The color palette used conveys a sense of tranquility, freshness, elegance and sophistication, with vibrant touches that convey energy. The images are depicted simply and concisely, with flat colors and silhouettes that help identify the elements in the scene and highlight the beauty of the view simply and clearly.

Taken together, the three pieces form a panoramic view of the bay with the calm sea, the land from a high point at the bottom and a white sky at the top.

Each piece of the triptych shows a part of the bay, from the land towards the sea, while in the sky a pair of paragliders flies over a white background. On land, in each part of the triptych, a couple is seen doing something different.

The piece on the left shows a couple sitting on a lookout, holding hands and enjoying the view of the paragliders and the bay that features three vessels: a boat, a sailboat and a fishing boat. The mountains to the left of the painting frame the scene, while in the background is an orange moon that adds a touch of magic and mystery.

In the center piece, a couple on bicycles stop to admire the view of the sea and the paragliders flying, while a speedboat moves towards them. In the background, a sailboat and an islet with a pier and a cross on top can be glimpsed.

In the piece on the right, a couple is shown jogging in a park while the sun sets behind the mountains. The image closes with a large earthen esplanade that frames the bay and gives a sense of completion to the viewer.

The style and composition of the "Great Bay Triptych" creates an overall impression of balance and conveys a sense of peace, harmony and equilibrium.

We recommend this artwork for private spaces, such as living rooms or bedrooms, as well as for public spaces such as offices, hotels and other common places that wish to convey a sense of tranquility, elegance and sophistication. Given its elongated format, it is also suitable for long, wide spaces, such as hallways, or for wide spaces, over a sofa or the headboard of a bed.

In addition, it would be appropriate for spaces that wish to create a connection with nature and convey a sense of peace, harmony and balance, such as wellness centers where yoga, meditation, physiotherapy, nutrition or psychology classes are taught.


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