Tríptico de la Buena Vida

is a work of art that represents a landscape imagined by artist David Yerga. The style of the triptych is a mixture of figurative and abstract, where the representation of objects and figures is simplified and stylized to create a visually striking and suggestive work of art in terms of narrative and meaning.


The color palette used in this work conveys a sense of harmony, luminosity, softness, balance and sobriety, with touches of energy, warmth and freshness. The artist has reduced the palette to convey a more graphic effect and to accentuate the shapes of his figures and objects.

This triptych is part of a series in which the artist creates imagined environments in the vein of Joachim Patinir, creating an alternative or surreal reality where traditional logic and perspective can be challenged or ignored.

Each piece of the triptych can be admired individually, but as a whole, the three pieces form a single landscape. The three pieces reference three landscapes from three ecosystems: the mountain, the tropical beach and the desert. Each piece has its own totemic figure that enriches the work by adding layers of meaning and symbolism.

The piece on the left shows a field with mountains in the background, a white sky and an orange sun. In the central area of the image, a family walks through the landscape where different types of trees and a modern building can be seen. In the foreground, on some rocks, the silhouette of an ant stands out. The ant represents activity and work.

In the central piece, a couple is bathing in a bay in which there are some rocks, a boat and an islet with a jetty. No one else seems to be on this idyllic beach, with clear water, palm trees and umbrellas. In the foreground, on some rocks, rests a butterfly. The butterfly symbolizes freedom and beauty.

In the piece on the right, a couple rides their bicycles along a road, in the middle of a semi-desert landscape, with rocks, cactus, bushes and the branches of a tree in the foreground that help to give depth to the scene. A lizard observes the scene on some rocks. The lizard represents adaptability and survival.

The "Good Life Triptych" is a versatile piece of artwork that will fit well in any space in the home where modern, relaxed and evocative decor is sought after, such as a living room, dining room, den or even a bedroom. Because of its imaginative landscape theme, it would be especially well suited for places where you are looking to convey a sense of escapism and tranquility, such as a meditation room, reading space or hotel rooms.


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