Limited Edition Factory Green

A new limited edition from Traveler's Company. These Brass Products in their beautiful Factory Green has just been released outside of Japan. And you can find them here at El Moderno.

These writing instruments are made in Japan by experienced craftspeople. Robust and easy to use, a perfect tool to take with you on every occasion.

The limited-edition Factory Green color was inspired by the manufacturing setting.

In the words of Traveler's Company:

"Green is used for the floors, doors and shelves in many factories because it’s easy on the eye and evokes a sense of safety that provides peace of mind. The factory where our brass products are made, on the outskirts of Tokyo, also uses a lot of green for machinery such as its presses and metal cutters. Oil has darkened those green machines during their years of use, but they have a beauty that is difficult to put into words."

"Let your Factory Green Pen be a talisman for the journey of your life. Through years of use, the paint will fade and the hue will change, creating that same beauty borne through hard work that can be seen in so many long-running factories."


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