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A decorative vase is a versatile trend for any home. Use it on its own to decorate a space and see it bring originality and coziness, and even become the main focus of a room; exemplifying that sometimes the exterior matters as well as the interior. Put some flowers on a vase and that is all you need to bring some joy into a living room, hallway or bedroom. Find inspiration in this selection of pieces.


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Ceramic Circular VaseCeramic Circular Vase
Helio Ferretti
Ceramic Circular Vase Sale price$39.00
Medium Green Side Waves VaseMedium Green Side Waves Vase
Helio Ferretti
Carlos Ceramic Vase Black and WhiteCarlos Ceramic Vase Black and White
Kitsch Kitchen
Paper Vase Nazar BluePaper Vase Nazar Blue
Paper Vase Nazar Blue Sale price$22.00
Marisol Ceramic Vase Black and WhiteMarisol Ceramic Vase Black and White
Kitsch Kitchen
Paper Vase Nazar YellowPaper Vase Nazar Yellow
Paper Vase Nazar Yellow Sale price$22.00
Mini Paper Vase JanusMini Paper Vase Janus
Mini Paper Vase Janus Sale price$16.00
Paper Vase ApolloPaper Vase Apollo
Paper Vase Apollo Sale price$22.00
Vase Torus YellowVase Torus Yellow
Vase Torus Yellow Sale price$42.00
Mini Paper Vase ApolinoMini Paper Vase Apolino
Mini Paper Vase Apolino Sale price$16.00
Paper Vase JanusPaper Vase Janus
Paper Vase Janus Sale price$22.00
Paper Vase GrecoPaper Vase Greco
Paper Vase Greco Sale price$22.00
Paper Vase BazaarPaper Vase Bazaar
Paper Vase Bazaar Sale price$22.00
Botilet B-1 BigBotilet B-1 Big
La Variete
Botilet B-1 Big Sale price$10.00
Hanging Vase with Magnetic Rack BrassHanging Vase with Magnetic Rack Brass
The Empathist
Carlos Ceramic Vase ColoredCarlos Ceramic Vase Colored
Kitsch Kitchen
Paper Vase Hamsa PinkPaper Vase Hamsa Pink
Paper Vase Hamsa Pink Sale price$22.00
Paper Vase SienaPaper Vase Siena
Paper Vase Siena Sale price$22.00
Paper Vase Venus BluePaper Vase Venus Blue
Paper Vase Venus Blue Sale price$22.00
Paper Vase Hamsa BluePaper Vase Hamsa Blue
Paper Vase Hamsa Blue Sale price$22.00
Paper Vase DunaPaper Vase Duna
Paper Vase Duna Sale price$22.00
Paper Vase AureaPaper Vase Aurea
Paper Vase Aurea Sale price$22.00
Paper Vase CoralPaper Vase Coral
Paper Vase Coral Sale price$27.00
Paper Vase Jaime Hayon - WhitePaper Vase Jaime Hayon - White