Tableware has the ability to influence your culinary experience that's why a good selection is so important when decorating a table. In El Moderno we select for you tableware and kitchen accessories that will help you enjoy the pleasure of cooking and add personality to your table. Products that inspire happiness and turn every meal into a feast for the senses.


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Fish 1 Liter Bottle Green Fish & FishFish 1 Liter Bottle Green Fish & Fish
Placemat Rattan P-RT3X1Placemat Rattan P-RT3X1
Beija Flor
Placemat Rattan P-RT3X1 Sale price$17.00
Placemat Spiral Reed P-RR1-38X1 RoundPlacemat Spiral Reed P-RR1-38X1 Round
Beija Flor
Large Shallow Plate Yellow RimLarge Shallow Plate Yellow Rim
Carmen Keramik
Medium Shallow Plate Blue RimMedium Shallow Plate Blue Rim
Carmen Keramik
Pasta Bowl Yellow Pips
Carmen Keramik
Pasta Bowl Yellow Pips Sale price$16.00
Wine Decanter Clear/Amber AlchemyWine Decanter Clear/Amber Alchemy
Ichendorf Milano
Tequila Sunrise Jug Amber/SmokeTequila Sunrise Jug Amber/Smoke
Ichendorf Milano
Bottle with Bird Animal FarmBottle with Bird Animal Farm
Ichendorf Milano
Decanter with Lid Clear AlchemyDecanter with Lid Clear Alchemy
Ichendorf Milano
Brewer Stand SetBrewer Stand Set
Brewer Stand Set Sale price$176.00 Regular price$220.00
Tea Towel Tutti FruttiTea Towel Tutti Frutti
Teresa Rego
Tea Towel Tutti Frutti Sale price$28.00
Pulcina Sale price$108.00
Carafe Tulip GreenCarafe Tulip Green
Carafe Tulip Green Sale price$65.00
Beldi Glass Jug GreenBeldi Glass Jug Green
Madam Stoltz
Beldi Glass Jug Green Sale price$50.00
Glass JugGlass Jug
Madam Stoltz
Glass Jug Sale price$28.00
Cap Slim GoldenCap Slim Golden
Cap Slim Golden Sale price$20.00
Glass Green S Fish & Fish (set of 4)Glass Green S Fish & Fish (set of 4)
Glass Green L Fish & Fish (set of 4)Glass Green L Fish & Fish (set of 4)
Big Cup 500ml Blue Handle / Blue Scribbles
Carmen Keramik
Big Cup 500ml Blue Handle / Blue Scribbles Sale price$12.00 Regular price$17.00
Bottle with Green Cactus Desert PlantsBottle with Green Cactus Desert Plants
Ichendorf Milano
Diabolix Bottle OpenerDiabolix Bottle Opener
Diabolix Bottle Opener Sale price$21.00
Sacacorchos ES17 (rosa, rojo, amarillo)Sacacorchos ES17 (rosa, rojo, amarillo)
Juicy SalifJuicy Salif
Juicy Salif Sale price$87.00