Jewelry and accessories are meant to highlight your beauty and personality, making you feel special. Each season we look for small treasures that combine elegance, originality, and love for detail. We are sure you’ll find a piece that can brighten your day to day and make an important date extra special.


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Necklace Tiras PinkNecklace Tiras Pink
Ana Porcelana
Necklace Tiras Pink Sale price$61.00
Cigaret + Smoke Hand-embroidered PinCigaret + Smoke Hand-embroidered Pin
Macon & Lesquoy
Hair Clip LipsHair Clip Lips
Coucou Suzette
Hair Clip Lips Sale price$18.00
Multi-Use Gold Clips Le ClubMulti-Use Gold Clips Le Club
Hair Clip Brown EyeHair Clip Brown Eye
Coucou Suzette
Hair Clip Brown Eye Sale price$18.00
Circle Studs Earrings LemonCircle Studs Earrings Lemon
Matter Matters
Circle Studs Earrings PeachCircle Studs Earrings Peach
Matter Matters
Earrings Yoko BeigeEarrings Yoko Beige
Earrings Yoko Beige Sale price$28.00
Hair Clip Blue EyeHair Clip Blue Eye
Coucou Suzette
Hair Clip Blue Eye Sale price$18.00
Circle Studs Earrings StoneCircle Studs Earrings Stone
Matter Matters
Zs Earrings BeigeZs Earrings Beige
Matter Matters
Zs Earrings Beige Sale price$50.00
Hair Clip Turquoise DiamondHair Clip Turquoise Diamond
Coucou Suzette
White Hand EarringsWhite Hand Earrings
Coucou Suzette
White Hand Earrings Sale price$39.00
Recreo Otoño NecklaceRecreo Otoño Necklace
Delarosa Studio
Recreo Otoño Necklace Sale price$44.00
Sonrisa Alineada NecklaceSonrisa Alineada Necklace
Delarosa Studio
Sonrisa Alineada Necklace Sale price$44.00
Sonrisa Animal NecklaceSonrisa Animal Necklace
Delarosa Studio
Sonrisa Animal Necklace Sale price$44.00
Blue Eyes EarringsBlue Eyes Earrings
Coucou Suzette
Blue Eyes Earrings Sale price$39.00
Earrings Natural BohoEarrings Natural Boho
Earrings Natural Boho Sale price$28.00
Swallow Earrings GoldSwallow Earrings Gold
Coucou Suzette
Swallow Earrings Gold Sale price$47.00
Pendiente Sing Mini Rabbit HoopPendiente Sing Mini Rabbit Hoop
Sakura EaringsSakura Earings
Coucou Suzette
Sakura Earings Sale price$39.00
Le Rayon de Soleil - Vin RougeLe Rayon de Soleil - Vin Rouge
Sticky Lemon
Le Rayon de Soleil - Vin Rouge Sale price$22.00 Regular price$27.00
Letter Necklace Gold PLetter Necklace Gold P
Letter Necklace Gold P Sale price$50.00 Regular price$76.00
Letter Necklace Gold NLetter Necklace Gold N
Letter Necklace Gold N Sale price$50.00 Regular price$76.00