Table lamps

Good lighting makes for a more enjoyable and pleasant experience in any space around the house or office. A well-lit room helps us appreciate the decoration and all its details, bringing out the charm and personality you have put in it. Find the perfect light to create a cozier space.


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Lampe de Bureau Deep BlackLampe de Bureau Deep Black
Lampe de Bureau Deep Black Sale price$315.00
Pipe Table Lamp
Marre Moerel Design Studio
Pipe Table Lamp Sale price$126.00
Flyte Buckminster Levitating BulbFlyte Buckminster Levitating Bulb
Ralph Table Lamp BlueRalph Table Lamp Blue
Ralph Table Lamp Blue Sale price$46.00
Flyte Royal Levitating BulbFlyte Royal Levitating Bulb
Flyte Royal Levitating Bulb Sale price$326.00
Elena Table Lamp M (black cable)Elena Table Lamp M (black cable)