Tape dispensers

Stationery (notebooks, pencils, fountain pens, ballpoint pens, etc.) has been fundamental throughout history as a tool and support for the expression, documentation and transmission of information. At El Moderno we select, for all those who still get excited writing and drawing by hand, products that stimulate creativity by combining practicality and aesthetics. The best companion to travel to the unknown or start something new is a pencil and a notebook.


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Tape Dispenser Large IvoryTape Dispenser Large Ivory
Tape Dispenser Large RedTape Dispenser Large Red
Tape Dispenser Large Red Sale price$51.00
Tape Dispenser Large NavyTape Dispenser Large Navy
Tape Dispenser Large Navy Sale price$51.00
Tape Dispenser Small NavyTape Dispenser Small Navy
Tape Dispenser Small Navy Sale price$33.00
Tape Dispenser Small RedTape Dispenser Small Red
Tape Dispenser Small Red Sale price$33.00