Premium C.D. Notebooks by Apica

The Premium C.D. Notebook series was developed in 2012, to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the release of the notebook "C.D. NOTEBOOK" in 1987 and was awarded the winner of Japan Stationery of the Year. Featuring ultra-smooth paper that lets your pen simply glide across the page, Apica Premium C.D. Notebooks are a pleasure to use whether for journaling or note-taking. It has an elegant cover with a hint of vintage-inspired sophistication and is a must-have in any fountain pen lover's writing kit. This series uses the original writing paper "A. Silky 865 Premium" developed for Premium C.D.


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Premium C.D. Notebook Silky A5 RuledPremium C.D. Notebook Silky A5 Ruled
Premium C.D. Notebook Silky A6 GridPremium C.D. Notebook Silky A6 Grid
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Premium C.D. Notebook Silky A5 PlainPremium C.D. Notebook Silky A5 Plain