Sustainable solutions. Retranca is a design studio specializing in reclaimed materials. The challenge is to manufacture the products carefully, using recycled materials with the highest quality and design. It is not necessary to continue abusing the planet's natural resources. It is an approach that integrates, efficiency, sustainability and social responsibility. They find the materials, take care of them, clean them, nourish them and give them a new use. They respect their years, their patina, their marks. They have a great affinity with the wabi-sabi view, which is based on "the beauty of imperfection," which describes very well what they intend to do. In Retranca they seek to modify -little or almost nothing- what they have in a simple way. What remains when you get rid of the superfluous, is the essence, both of people and of things. That is the key. Build without consuming, attend to shapes responsibly, give preference to humble materials and artisan work. They are part of Carpenters Without Borders. They work in the field of recovery, organization, management and reuse of material goods and furniture items, especially those related to wood and woodworking. Retranca uses materials that have been abandoned, torn down or discarded. This serves as a central axis to promote, support and mobilize the preservation and sustainability of the environment. They contribute to social improvement and citizen sovereignty through sharing the knowledge of the carpentry trade.

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