Collapsible, reusable, sustainable. "Sustainability shouldn't mean sacrifice. We don’t expect anyone to be perfect—not our customers, not even our team. All we ask is that we all do our best every day." Stojo is committed to designing earth-conscious, sustainable products that are meant to last a lifetime. Your Stojo will save thousands of disposable cups a year, and they hope it will also start new conversations, new habits, and new adventures. Designed to easily go everywhere, Stojo expands and then folds into a leak-proof disc when you’re done.


At Stojo they pay special attention to the manufacturing of their products. All of their products are made in factories that meet the BSCI Code of Conduct, a rigorous set of requirements focused on employee rights, safety, and environmental regulations. These factories undergo regular audits by international organizations, and Stojo closely monitors the results.


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