Tot Cor

Tot Cor (“All Heart”) is an artistic, collaborative, and socially minded project that was created with the desire to help people express things beyond what they can put into words; with the idea of spreading good spirits and fostering empathy. The centerpiece of this project is a vase shaped like a heart, designed to remind us of the good in this world. It is a vase for fresh flowers, dried flowers, twigs with messages, paint brushes or whatever else comes to mind. Just thinking about it every morning will bring a smile to your face, a feeling of humanity, even on the greyest days.

In Tot Cor, the heart, a metaphor for our inner self, materialises to become a visible part of our everyday life. Its mere presence brings the best out in us.


They want to visualise the key values that constitute humanity in all its richness: love, kindness, compassion, ethics, respect, generosity, and solidarity. For that reason, the Tot Cor Project is also a community-building project, intended to help invisible and needy groups. They hope, as time passes, to be able to continue taking actions that visualise small gestures of humanity, gestures that connect groups and individuals. They want to build a giant family of hearts that spreads joy and peace in turbulent times.

Pepa Reverter is the creative mind behind the design and production of this object. Her intention is to send a collective message by selling the piece, to be sure, but also by touching more people and expanding the reach of the project. Naturally, there are more individuals and companies involved in this adventure who enable Tot Cor to execute their idea and transform it into a product that not only wishes to enter the market but also a place infinitely more important: our hearts.

The Solidarity Project

Tot Cor is also a solidarity project that extends far beyond this vase. It was made to help people who suffer from incurable diseases and, in some cases, people who are invisible to the majority of society. A portion of the profits generated by the sales of this piece and by the sales that they will generate in the future, are and will be donated to research projects and associations such as the Miquel Valls Foundation, with whom we are currently collaborating.


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