Founder Marleen van den Bogaart (Netherlands) thought it would be fun to create beautiful products that make people happy. Looking for a good balance between commerce, beautiful products and 'doing the right thing'. The glass products of high quality and with a social focus turned out to be a success. Marleen decided to sell her products herself from her apartment in the center of Den Bosch. If you're starting a business in this day and age, you should do it as best you can. Good for you and good for the environment, said Marlene.


Wellmark purchase all raw materials themselves and have them produced locally by people with a distance to the labour market. All products are therefore made by hand. The raw materials are selected and composed with great care. For example, the formula for hand soap has been improved several times, all ingredients are vegan, it does not contain SLES and parabens. The products are also packed in glass bottles. Not only chic, but because of this they also reduce plastic consumption. All items are refillable and reusable. Their refill packs are a great success. All products are produced at sheltered workshops. Working gives you the feeling that you are contributing to something and that you belong to something. However, having a job does not come naturally to everyone. There are people who, for whatever reason, need extra support to or from work. These are the type of organizations Wellmark work with. Because work makes people happier and happy people make our society more beautiful. Finally, the products are packed in recycled packaging material. Wellmark have also tried to reflect the path their products take on the outside. High-quality content in a chic and luxurious packaging. Not for single use. The handmade is reflected by the use of the vintage labels, minimalist but hard-wearing.


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Recambio Jabón para Manos Bambú 1LRecambio Jabón para Manos Bambú 1L