Plus Stationery

Headquartered in Tokyo, Plus Stationery Company is a brand that develops, manufactures and sells stationery worldwide. Its products are manufactured with the highest possible quality in the manufacturing processes, using an advanced quality management system that maintains a high level of awareness during all production processes. Plus Stationary designs comfort, aspiring to be the premier stationery manufacturer, striving to provide the best quality to people all over the world.


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Team-Demi Stationery Set Shiro WhiteTeam-Demi Stationery Set Shiro White
Plus Stationery
Team-Demi Stationery Set Sakura PinkTeam-Demi Stationery Set Sakura Pink
Plus Stationery


Plus Stationary diseña con comodidad, aspirando a ser el principal fabricante de artículos de papelería, esforzándose por ofrecer la mejor calidad a personas de todo el mundo.