Summer Colors

Bright colors, fresh smells, fun times, and friends. A collection of pieces for these sunny days.


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Notabag Recycled CornflowerNotabag Recycled Cornflower
Notabag Recycled Cornflower Sale price26,90 €
Eames Elephant Small Plastic Palm GreenEames Elephant Small Plastic Palm Green
Notabag RoseNotabag Rose
Notabag Rose Sale price26,90 €
Eames Elephant Small Plastic ButtercupEames Elephant Small Plastic Buttercup
Smoking Leggs Hand-embroidered BroochSmoking Leggs Hand-embroidered Brooch
Macon & Lesquoy
Jar / Planter Mr. HamiltonJar / Planter Mr. Hamilton
Kitsch Kitchen
Jar / Planter Mr. Hamilton Sale price16,00 €
Glass Bum VaseGlass Bum Vase
Glass Bum Vase Sale price29,90 €
Brooklyn MaskBrooklyn Mask
Studio Roof
Brooklyn Mask Sale price25,90 €
Hanji Book Passport 3pcs/set Neon PinkHanji Book Passport 3pcs/set Neon Pink
Aperitivo en Conde Duque Screen Print A3Aperitivo en Conde Duque Screen Print A3
David Yerga
Japanese BeetleJapanese Beetle
Studio Roof
Japanese Beetle Sale price17,90 €
No. 32 Sandalwood Rose Soy Candle LargeNo. 32 Sandalwood Rose Soy Candle Large
P.F. Candle Co.
Hanji Book Cabinet A5 Dot YellowHanji Book Cabinet A5 Dot Yellow
Jar / Planter Mrs. BauerJar / Planter Mrs. Bauer
Kitsch Kitchen
Jar / Planter Mrs. Bauer Sale price16,00 €
Wine Decanter Clear/Amber AlchemyWine Decanter Clear/Amber Alchemy
Ichendorf Milano
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No. 21 Golden Coast Soy Candle LargeNo. 21 Golden Coast Soy Candle Large
P.F. Candle Co.
No. 21 Golden Coast Soy Candle Large Sale price30,40 € Regular price38,00 €
Madrid - Río Manzanares A4 Digital PrintMadrid - Río Manzanares A4 Digital Print
Kike Ibáñez
Vase Torus PinkVase Torus Pink
Vase Torus Pink Sale price32,00 €
Blue Eyes EarringsBlue Eyes Earrings
Coucou Suzette
Blue Eyes Earrings Sale price35,00 €
Capetown MaskCapetown Mask
Studio Roof
Capetown Mask Sale price25,90 €
Expression Wooden MobileExpression Wooden Mobile
Little Big Room by Djeco
Expression Wooden Mobile Sale price20,90 €
Juice Giclée Print 50x70Juice Giclée Print 50x70
Juice Giclée Print 50x70 Sale price49,00 €
Lips EarringsLips Earrings
Coucou Suzette
Lips Earrings Sale price35,00 €
Wooden Doll No. 3Wooden Doll No. 3
Wooden Doll No. 3 Sale price122,00 €